Emergency Locksmith and Auto Locksmith in Sofia

• Unlocking apartments and houses in case of locked keys or blocked locks, slammed doors with knobs or forgotten keys at home;
• Unlocking autos when keys are left inside, are lost or there are evidences for outside interventions and theft attempts;
• Manufacturing auto keys when all of them are lost, under technology unknown and unused so far by locksmiths in Bulgaria;
• Unlocking garages, cellars, attics, wardrobes, postboxes, electric distribution boards, padlocks, cash-boxes;
• Replacement of locks, latches and cylinders for postboxes, apartment doors, automobiles, weapon cases, safes, strong room cassettes and many others;
• Unlocking and professional restoration of all kinds of safes, cash-boxes and strong rooms for banking sector;
• Manufacturing a key under an existing lock, changing ciphers so that the lost old keys will not be functional as a result of our intervention;
• Replacing cash locks with locks of the same size, for high-security armoured cylinders protected against breaking and drilling;
• Removing broken keys from locks and cylinders;
• Manufacturing locks and cylinders for entrance doors of residential buildings and blocks under existing keys, so that no replacement of all the residents’ keys will be needed;
• Mounting of locks of all sizes and models for doors and autos; mounting additional latches and locks;
• And this is just a small part of the non-stop locksmith services we can offer, regardless of which district of Sofia you are located and at what time of the day you urgently need a locksmith or auto locksmith.

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